Venue: Wesley Hall, The LifeCentre, 235 Washway Road, Sale, M33 4BP

Contact: Ian Cockill  Governance Officer

Note: As the Council continues to manage the risk of Covid-19 public attendance at this meeting will be limited and anyone wishing to attend is asked to contact to register in advance . The Council has a duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of staff and others from Covid transmission risks so far as is reasonably practicable and all attendees are reminded of the need for self-isolation where positive cases and contacts have been identified. Please note that the meeting will also be streamed live in line with the principles of openness and transparency in local government. To access the live stream of the meeting, please paste the following into your browser's address bar: 

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 437 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 13 October 2021 for signature by the Mayor as Chair of the Council.



To receive any announcements from the Mayor, Leader of the Council, Members of the Executive, Chairs of Scrutiny Committees and the Head of Paid Service.


Questions By Members pdf icon PDF 193 KB

This is an opportunity for Members of Council to ask the Mayor, Members of the Executive or the Chairs of any Committee or Sub-Committee a question on notice under Procedure Rule 10.2.


Petition - No Cones on Chester Road

To consider the following petition requiring debate:


The cones on the A56 need to be removed.  A new and improved solution with local public consultation to allow better access for all road users.


Local social media forums are full of this very lively debate. The cones cause standing traffic and therefore greater emissions in an area where there are 4 primary schools in close proximity. The residents and businesses in Gorse Hill are effectively boxed in on 3 sides as drivers, the only exits lead onto the A56. At the traffic lights on Thomas Street turning right is much more problematic across the box junction which has standing traffic and an immediate right turn lane onto Davyhulme Road East. We need that other lane open and further information from the public on the other problem areas.


Key workers are struggling to attend their clients, ambulances are being delayed. The cones are affecting our use of our roads detrimentally.

Drivers are constantly commenting on the scarcity of cyclists in the lanes and increase of accidents and near misses.


We feel the cones were quite literally sneaked in during lockdown without an effective public consultation.


Some residents say they have written to Trafford Council and have been informed the cones are there to stay. A review is clearly needed.


Note: In accordance with the Council’s Petition Scheme, a petition containing more than 500 signatures will be debated by the Council. The petition organiser will be given five minutes to present the petition and then it will be discussed by the Council for a maximum of 15 minutes.



Corporate Plan Refresh 2021-24 pdf icon PDF 938 KB

To consider a report of the Executive Member for Covid-19 Recovery and Reform, which is anticipated to be referred from the Executive Meeting held on 22 November 2021.


[PLEASE NOTE: The Corporate Plan Refresh brochure will be circulated under separate cover in advance of the Executive Meeting.]



Trafford Climate Emergency Progress Report pdf icon PDF 380 KB

To consider a report of the Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services providing the Executive’s response to the Climate Change Task and Finish Group report and recommendations.

Additional documents:


Gambling Act 2005 - Statement of Gambling Principles 2022-2025 pdf icon PDF 243 KB

To consider a report of the Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services referred from the Executive meeting held on 22 November 2021.

Additional documents:


Greater Manchester Minimum Licensing Standards for Taxi and Private Hire - Stage 2 Recommendations Report (Vehicles) pdf icon PDF 637 KB

To consider a report of the Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services referred from the Executive meeting held on 22 November 2021.


Additional documents:



To consider the following motions submitted in accordance with Procedure Rule 11:


Motion Submitted by the Labour Group - End Misogyny and Violence against Women and Girls


The Council notes:


·            Across the UK misogyny, harassment and violence towards women and girls is endemic.


·            Like women and girls across the country, our residents suffer harassment and abuse every single day. A 2021 YouGov national survey on behalf of UN Women UK found that among women aged 18-24, 97% said they had been sexually harassed, while 80% of women of all ages said they had experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.


·            The Office for National Statistics reported that last year alone 618,000 women were victims of a sexual assault or an attempted sexual assault by a man.


·            In the year to March 2020, just 1.4% of rape cases recorded by police resulted in a suspect being charged (or receiving a summons).


·            That the Law Commission is currently reviewing all current hate crime legislation to consider whether any additional characteristics, including misogyny, should be granted legal protection, and is due to report back to Parliament in 2021.


·            The Government announced in March that from Autumn Police Forces will record misogyny as a hate crime on an ‘experimental basis’, following years of Campaigning from Women’s Groups and campaigners.


·            In Trafford, the birthplace of Emeline Pankhurst, we are proud of our history and connections to the Women’s rights movement. We want Trafford to be a safe place for our women and girls and will support organisations who have continually fought for the safety and protection of women.


·            Studies have shown that the intersectional nature of discrimination means that women with additional protected characteristics, such as those who are from Black, Asian or Ethnic Minority communities, disabled or LGBT+, are even more likely to experience harassment, discrimination and abuse.


The Council resolves:


·            To ensure that Trafford Council continues to do everything in its power to build a borough free from misogyny and violence against women and girls.


·            It is vital that women’s and girl’s voices are heard; and that the Council will bring forward a process that proactively encourages and listens to women’s voices across the wards. This task force will involve all women Councillors.


·            That the newly refreshed Domestic Abuse strategy will strengthen support for victims, and will deliver safe accommodation for women and their children in Trafford.


·            To call on the Government to listen to the lived experience of women and girls across our country and to urgently act on any recommendations the commission makes to strengthen the law on hate crime, and to reform legislation around harassment to recognise as an offence a ‘course of conduct’ which targets women and girls in their community.


·            To call on the Government to provide the legislation, resource and funding for police forces across the UK to effectively tackle harassment, misogyny and domestic abuse.


·            To call on Greater Manchester Police to record harassment of women as a hate crime as soon as possible.


·            To adopt the Greater Manchester’s recently published Violence against Women and Girls Strategy.


·            To become a White Ribbon Accredited Organisation.


Motion Submitted by the Labour Group - Future Trafford Park and Just Transition to a Greener Economy


Council recognises that in order to tackle the climate crisis we must tackle the emissions caused by industrial practices and ensure a just transition to a greener economy. In Trafford this need is particularly acute as the home of Trafford Park, a key economic centre in the north-west region but also a major driver of carbon emissions in Trafford.


Whilst many of the levers needed to drive this transition are controlled by national government, Council recognises that there are steps we can take locally to support this work and facilitate change in Trafford Park.


Council therefore welcomes news of the Local Authority’s three successful bids to the Greater Manchester Evergreen Fund under the umbrella of ‘Future Trafford Park’ which focus on the following issues:


-     Low Carbon Park: to identify the opportunity for new, carbon neutral and sustainable forms of power generation in the Park and potential sites. The investment and job creation potential of a low carbon Park will also be identified in terms of the green economy and its facets; along with practical measures for how existing businesses can future-proof to achieve a low carbon Park.


-       Greening Trafford Park: produce a ‘greening’ infrastructure framework for the Park to reduce carbon emissions through environmental and infrastructure improvements. This will cover measures to improve the visual appearance of the Park through sustainable greening, and improvements to transport infrastructure focusing on active travel, public transport and the better utilisation of the existing rail line and stations.


   Trafford Wharfside Development Framework: produce a Development Framework; with accompanying Delivery Strategy and Masterplan with design code, to identify how this important area should operate as a ‘place’, guide future development and enable the Council to facilitate the delivery of opportunity sites in a planned and sustainable way.


In particular Council appreciates that the Low Carbon Park element of this work is crucial to working towards a just transition and securing a greener future for Trafford Park.


Council notes that the successful bids will fund activity to develop business cases to move all three strands of our ‘Greening Trafford Park’ work forward. Council requests that a briefing is offered to all members by those preparing the business case for broader investment once they are appointed and work is underway.


Motion Submitted by the Conservative Group - GMCA Scrutiny


This Council notes that:


-         The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is the combined authority for Greater Manchester and is jointly run by the leaders of the ten Greater Manchester districts along with the elected Mayor;


-         Trafford residents are further directly affected by GMCA as it has a range of boards, panels and committees which look specifically at areas like transport, health and social care, planning and housing;


-         GMCA has 3 Overview and Scrutiny Committees which are the Greater Manchester Corporate Issues and Reform Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Greater Manchester Economy, Business Growth and Skills Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the Greater Manchester Housing Planning and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee. There are also other committees which perform a scrutiny function such as the Police, Fire and Crime Panel;


-         The role of the scrutiny committees is to review or scrutinise decisions made, or other actions taken by the GMCA and the Mayor; to make reports or recommendations to the GMCA or the Mayor concerning the discharge of their functions that are the responsibility of the GMCA; to make reports or recommendations to the GMCA or the Mayor on matters that affect the GMCA's area or the inhabitants of the area; to Call-In decisions made by the GMCA or the Mayor and to establish formal sub committees or informal task and finish groups if they wish;


-         To make scrutiny committee meetings quorate, two-thirds, that is ten committee members must be present for a meeting to be quorate.  The two thirds requirement also applies to sub committees; and


-         From 1 January to 5 November 2021, 3 out of 6 Greater Manchester Economy, Business Growth and Skills Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings have been cancelled, 3 out of 6 Greater Manchester Economy, Business Growth and Skills Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings have been cancelled and 3 out of 9 Greater Manchester Housing Planning and Environment Overview and Scrutiny meetings have been cancelled.


This Council believes that:


-         The scrutiny committees have not been able to undertake their scrutiny function effectively due to the number of meetings being cancelled due to non-attendance by Members; and


-         Article 7 of The Combined Authorities (Overview and Scrutiny Committees, Access to Information and Audit Committees) Order 2017 which imposes a duty on a combined authority to respond to reports and recommendations of overview and scrutiny committee is being impeded through a reduction in the volume of reports and recommendations being produced due to cancelled meetings.


This Council resolves:


-         For the Chief Executive of the Council to write to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, the Chief Executive of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to request that:


-         The Mayor of Greater Manchester attends scrutiny committee meetings when he has indicated that he would do so; and


-         Scrutiny arrangements with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority are improved and that the promised review of scrutiny arrangements in Greater Manchester is a  ...  view the full agenda text for item 9c

Additional documents:


Motion Submitted by the Conservative Group - Public Consultations


This Council notes that:


-         Public Consultations are a vital way of getting residents involved and influencing important local decisions. Consulting ensures better decisions, builds understanding and helps progress towards consensus and should be at a stage when there is still scope to influence policy outcome. Considering stakeholders’ views early into the process, stimulates debate and helps ensure all policy options are taken into account.


-         Trafford Council primarily uses the online platform ‘Citizen Space’ to host its public consultations. 


 This Council believes that:


-         More thought needs to be given on when public consultations are held and how long they run for. Conducting important consultations such as on the Hale and Sale Moor Place Plans, during the summer months of a pandemic for example will not achieve the level of engagement desired; and


-         Trafford Council relies predominantly on people looking for information and visiting Council and social media platforms. A more proactive approach, such as a direct mail shot would encourage greater involvement.


This Council resolves:


-         To listen to and engage with all residents and not the selected few;


-         To  review when public consultations take place and how long they are open for; and


-         To ensure groups that need to be included in consultations are included with the option to either send a consultation response back digitally or via a paper-based copy free of charge.


Motion Submitted by the Green Party Group - Bikeability Training for Children Who Missed Out During the COVID-19 Pandemic


During the COVID-19 pandemic, 4,729 Year 6 pupils missed out on Bikeability training among the 2019-20 and 2020-21 year groups in Trafford. The cost of training the children is normally covered by a grant from the Department for Transport (£40 per child trained).


This Council will:


-       work with Trafford’s secondary schools to ensure that every child, that has previously missed out and is able to participate, receives Bikeability (or equivalent) training prior to starting Year 10.


-       work with TfGM, Sports England and other funding bodies to fund the training, or, as necessary, consider prioritising for funding as part of its 2021-22 budget.

Additional documents: