Agenda item


To consider a report of the Executive Member Housing and Regeneration and the Corporate Director for Place.

NOTE: A related report is to be considered in Part II of this agenda.


1. That the outcome of the 2020/21 Land Sales Programmes be noted.

2. That the Strategic Land Review Programme for 2021/22 (and further) as set out in the report be approved.

3. That authority be delegated to the Corporate Director Place to:

a.     negotiate and accept bids in consultation with the Director of Finance and Systems and Corporate Director for Governance and Community Strategy for all sites listed on the Land Review Programme, including any bid which would result in a capital receipt of £500,000 or more.

b.     engage external resources where this will assist in implementing the programme, including a professional team where reasonably required to support a development project.

c.     Commission, submit and/or authorise as appropriate:

i) any applications for planning permission on any properties included in the programme where this will assist in marketing and/or add value, or in any case where the Council is proposing to redevelop the site whether directly or in partnership with another party.

ii) any surveys/investigations where such surveys will reduce the risks associated with redevelopment, add value to the capital receipt /revenue return and/or assist with the preparation, submission and resolution of any planning permission application, or any other usual pre-development survey or investigation.

iii) any feasibility study or design for the site and or premises in association with either obtaining a planning consent or as part of options appraisal

iv) any demolitions or physical alterations that will either reduce the risks associated with holding the premises or accelerate the sale/redevelopment and/or add value to the capital receipt/revenue return.

d.     offset eligible disposal costs against capital receipts in accordance with capital regulations.

e.     advertise the intention to dispose of a site in the event that it comprises open space as defined by the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, in accordance with the relevant statutory procedure, and if any objections are received, to refer to the relevant portfolio holder for consideration in consultation with the Executive Member for Environment, Air Quality and Climate Change.

f.      acquire adjacent land or property where the acquisition will either add value to the overall development or de-risk the disposal/development of the Council asset.

g.     add to or substitute sites into the programme during the year, including any site where the anticipated capital receipt would be £500,000 or more.

h.     Transfer sites from Category 1 to Category 2, and vice versa

i.       commission security services.

j.       authorise alternative methods of disposal where appropriate.

k.     authorise community engagement and consultations where the Corporate Director deems it necessary or advantageous.

l.       In relation to any site currently in development or any site which commences development during this programme, agree any licence or approve the grant of any easement or lease or any other disposal, including where that disposal taken in isolation would constitute a disposal at undervalue, which is designed or intended to implement or facilitate the development.

m.   In relation to the Brown Street and former Sale Magistrates sites, authorise a marketing, pricing and disposal strategy and authorise the sale of plots, either individually or in blocks, including where the anticipated or actual capital receipt exceeds £499,000.


4. That the Corporate Director of Governance and Community Strategy in consultation with the Corporate Director Place and, where appropriate, the Director for Finance and Systems, be authorised to finalise and enter into all legal agreements required to implement the above decisions.

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