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Decisions published

24/07/2019 - Elm Road, Altrincham, Harcourt Street and Burleigh Road, Gorse Hill, Stretford - Proposal to remove Disabled Persons' Permit Parking Spaces; and Oldfield Road, Sale - Proposed introduction of a Disabled Persons' Permit Parking Space ref: 831    Recommendations Approved

To seek approval to remove 2 disabled persons’ permit parking spaces on Elm Road, Altrincham, 1 parking space on Harcourt Street, Gorse Hill, Stretford and 1 parking space on Burleigh Road, Gorse Hill, Stretford and also to seek approval to introduce a disabled residents’ permit parking space on Oldfield Road, Sale.

Decision Maker: Corporate Director Place

Decision published: 12/08/2019

Effective from: 24/07/2019


1.     That the removal of disabled persons’ permit parking spaces outside 15 and 17 Elm Road, Altrincham, 19 Harcourt Street and 36 Burleigh Road, Gorse Hill, Stretford, be approved.


2.     That the introduction of a disabled residents’ permit parking space on Oldfield Road, Sale be approved.


3.     That a consultation be carried out with nearby residents of Oldfield Road, Sale.


4.     That authorisation be given to advertise the intention of making the Traffic Regulation Order referred to in the schedule to this report and, if no objections are maintained, that the Order be made, in whole or in part, and the proposals implemented.

Lead officer: Dorothy Stagg

20/07/2019 - Flixton Road, Ambleside Road and Western Road, Urmston - Proposed Waiting Restrictions: Consideration of Objections ref: 830    Recommendations Approved

Proposals for the introduction of No Waiting at Any Time restrictions on Flixton Road, Ambleside Road and Western Road, Urmston were formally advertised on 15 March 2019.


Following the 21-day statutory consultation in the vicinity of the proposals, 1 response expressing an objection was received.


A report on the matter was submitted to the Executive Member to consider the objection received and determine implementation of the proposed restrictions.

Decision Maker: Executive Member for Environment, Air Quality and Climate Change

Decision published: 05/08/2019

Effective from: 13/08/2019


1)          That the results of the consultation and the objections be noted.


2)          That, following careful consideration of the objection, authorisation be given to introduce the Traffic Regulation Order with minor modifications, as detailed in schedule 1 to the report and shown on drawing E9017-02A.


3)          That the objector be notified of the Council’s decision.

Lead officer: Dorothy Stagg