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Save Altrincham Market after crippling rates rise puts it’s future in jeopardy

We the undersigned petition the council to Review the reassessment which has resulted in a 484% rate rise for Altrincham Market and it’s traders, making it unsustainable for them to continue.

Without notice the Altrincham Market has had a £150000 rate rise imposed upon them in what is already a very difficult economic time due to corona virus. This has also been back dated to 23rd March, the 1st day of national shutdown. This crippling rates rise puts the future of Altrincham in jeopardy, our award winning market is a key factor in what gives Altrincham the title of the best place to live in the uk.


This ePetition ran from 28/04/2020 to 25/06/2020 and has now finished.

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