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Pedestrian Crossing on Moss Road

We the undersigned petition the council to Put in a place a safe way for all residents of the nearby area to cross Moss Road.

Dear Trafford Council. This matter poses a serious risk to all pedestrians crossing moss road. Currently there is one traffic light controlled zebra crossing at the top of Moss Road, junction of Davyhulme Road. However, it is too far for anyone wanting to cross Moss Road walking from Radstock road direction or Grange Ave. There are several schools and nurseries in the area (Vic Rd Private Day Nursery, Victoria Park infants school, Victoria Park primary school, Victoria Park Junior School, St Ann's primary school) and all parents wanting to get their children to nursery or school in the morning and back home in the afternoon have to cross Moss Road in heavy traffic without any safe way of doing so. There is no Lolly-Pop person there which makes it very difficult. Parents and children aren't the only ones in danger. On the corner of Darbyshire lane and Moss Road there is an older adult accommodation (for over 55’s) – the residents would often need to cross in order to access the local shop or the Trafford Social club. Our local mosque is situated on Moss Road - during pryer times many parents park on Radstock road and subsequently have to cross Moss Road with their children, again without a safe way of doing it. We have many elderly neighbours who are also in great danger crossing that road as well as people walking their dogs who need access to the nearby Victoria Park. Generally speaking - a car on that busy road can hit any person, regardless of age. The absence of speed bumps on any pf the roads named above means that motorists drive very fast, often exceeding the speed limit. Moss road leads towards Chester road // it is one of the routes to access the M60 // it goes towards Stretford Mall // it leads towards Trafford park and The Trafford Centre as well as Trafford Park Train Station. It is a very busy route, especially in rush hour. With the absence of a zebra crossing there, it is literally a fatal accident waiting to happen. Taking my little boy to nursery every morning for the past 3 years or to the park on the weekend, I have witnessed countless near misses involving neighbours and have been involved in near misses myself. Our local green grocer is located on the corner of Moss Road and Grange Ave, hence anyone who lives on Radstock road and needs to enter or leave the shop has to cross Moss Road which is rather difficult and dangerous. I hope you take this matter seriously and come to our aid before one of the pedestrians gets seriously injured.

This ePetition runs from 10/09/2020 to 28/01/2021.

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