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Stop Spraying Toxic Chemicals in our Borough

We the undersigned petition the council to immediately stop the use in our Borough of herbicides (e.g. Glyphosate based products such as roundup), which have been shown to be carcinogenic and toxic to humans as well as our environment.

Glyphosate has been found by the World Health Organisation to be carcinogenic. As 'Roundup' and other similar substances its other ingredients have recently been found to be even more toxic to humans than it's active ingredient. Currently these substances are sprayed all over our paths and roads contaminating our air and our living environment by our council, with no necessity and apparently no qualms. Considering the evidence and needs I find it beyond belief that my two year old daughter has to walk on pavements where carcinogenic substances have been applied by our council using our council taxes. When she goes to the park I find it disgusting she has to walk past bowling greens and on paving stones sprayed with toxic chemicals. If she visits a school I find it distressing and abhorrent that the playground and playing fields will have been doused for no good reason other than routine with these substances.
These substances are being applied for spurious reasons with immediately negative impacts on wildlife and natural beauty and potentially devastating health impacts for residents. Greenery and biodiversity are proven to improve health and well-being. It is part of our childrens' birthright and key to learning and good health that they are able to discover the outdoors and nature. Use of these chemicals kills plants that our wildlife thrive on. Bees are under pressure, moths are under pressure. With pressure on these small animals bats numbers will drop, birds numbers will drop, hedgehogs, foxes, all sprayed out, so eventually we live in a bare environment with no flowers and no birdsong. This is not a legacy I want for any child for the sake of a bare-looking kerb. It is a question of perspective and priorities. Nature is precious and our health is precious and both depend on each other. Persepctives can shift, wildflowers, wildlife, biodiversity and good health are rights and things we should all be able to access and enjoy in our local environments. When the time is taken to appreciate and learn about 'weeds' they cease being weeds and become a source of pleasure. Children already start learning this at school, this should be encouraged and promoted to the wider community, wildflower verges should be the norm rather than exceptions. I would like all people in the borough to be able to enjoy wildlife on their doorsteps and to have their well-being improved by it rather than being exposed to health risks both physical and mental by this indefensible chemical spraying activity by the council.
Many councils round the country including some in the North-west have now banned the use Roundup, glyphosate and other toxic chemicals. There are plenty of other options for maintaining infrastructure without the use of herbicides.
Trafford Council's 5 Public Health Policy aims include reducing the impact of mental illness, reducing physical inactivity and improving cancer prevention. This policy of chemical warfare on greenery directly contradicts these three policies, we therefore demand the cessation of spraying herbicides with immediate effect.

This ePetition ran from 31/05/2018 to 28/11/2018 and has now finished.

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