Venue: Council Chamber, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford

Contact: Ian Cockill  Democratic Services Officer

Note: Presentation - 'iCAN' Scam Warning Scheme (6.15 pm-6.45 p.m.) Prior to Council, all Members of Council are invited to attend at 6.15 p.m. in the Council Chamber to receive a presentation on the ‘iCAN’ Scam Warning Scheme and be encouraged to join the scheme. 

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To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the following Council Meetings for signature by the Mayor as Chair of the Council:

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Extraordinary Meeting of the Council - 10 July 2019 pdf icon PDF 174 KB

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Meeting of the Council - 17 July 2019 pdf icon PDF 454 KB

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Extraordinary Meeting of the Council - 23 July 2019 pdf icon PDF 120 KB

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Reconvened Meeting of the Council - 23 July 2019 pdf icon PDF 143 KB

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To receive any announcements from the Mayor, Leader of the Council, Members of the Executive, Chairs of Scrutiny Committees and the Head of Paid Service.

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Questions By Members pdf icon PDF 150 KB

This is an opportunity for Members of Council to ask the Mayor, Members of the Executive or the Chairs of any Committee or Sub-Committee a question on notice under Procedure Rule 10.2.

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Membership of Committees 2019/20

To note that the Chief Executive, under delegated authority, agreed, to appoint Councillor Newgrosh as a replacement for Councillor Brophy on Scrutiny Committee, with effect from 29 July 2019.

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Council Tax Support Scheme for 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 193 KB

To consider a report of the Executive Member for Finance and Investment, following a referral from the Executive Meeting on 30 September 2019.

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Constitutional Review: Recruitment and Employment Procedures pdf icon PDF 163 KB

To consider a report of the Corporate Director for Governance and Community Strategy, following a referral from the Executive Meeting on 30 September 2019, following consideration by Employment Committee on 9 September 2019 and Standards Committee on 25 September 2019.

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Motions and Amendments Protocol for Council pdf icon PDF 214 KB

To consider a report of the Corporate Director of Governance and Community Strategy and Monitoring Officer.

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Treasury Management Annual Performance 2018/19 Report pdf icon PDF 565 KB

To note a joint report of the Executive Member for Finance and Investment and the Corporate Director of Finance and Systems, referred from the Accounts and Audit Committee on 19 June 2019 and Executive Meeting held on 15 July 2019.

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Outcome of Standards Committee Review of the Position Relating to Changes to Labour Members' Allowances pdf icon PDF 322 KB

To consider a joint report of the Monitoring Officer and the Chair of Standards Committee.

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To consider the following motions submitted in accordance with Procedure Rule 11:

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Motion Submitted by the Labour Group - No Deal Brexit and the UK's Membership of the European Union


This Council notes:


·          The increasing possibility of a No Deal Brexit, which forecasts show would place jobs and the local economy in Trafford at risk

·          Significant concerns about the impact of a No Deal Brexit nationally, including access to medicines and food supplies as well as the threat to environmental protections, health and safety standards and crucial worker’s rights

·          That no Brexit deal put forward thus far has been supportable, and that any Brexit deal that may emerge would almost certainly have a negative impact on the economy when compared to continued EU membership

·          That the established position of Trafford Council agreed formally in the Council Chamber is to support a People’s Vote (second referendum) on UK membership of the European Union


Council therefore condemns the reckless policies and shameful tactics of the Prime Minister which threaten the future prosperity of the people of Trafford and reaffirms that No Deal Brexit must be stopped at all costs and a second referendum should take place with Remain as an option on the ballot paper.

Council asks the Leader of the Council to write to Trafford’s MPs, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union and the Prime Minister setting out our view that No Deal will be a disaster for the UK; any Brexit deal would leave us worse off, and calling for their support for a second referendum.

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Motion Submitted by the Labour Group - Bus Franchising in Greater Manchester


This Council notes:


·         That Transport Poverty is an issue currently affecting economic growth within the city region, limiting residents access to employment opportunities and training whilst at the same time denying employers access to a fully flexible labour market.

·         The remorseless deterioration in bus services in Trafford since deregulation 30 years ago is not sustainable when set against the need to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

·         That for Greater Manchester to compete as a world class City-Region requires an integrated public transport network organised and commissioned to serve across our towns and not just on the most profitable routes such as the Oxford Road corridor.


Council therefore welcomes the decision of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority on the 28 June 2019 to proceed towards bus franchising and to publicly consult on this and encourages residents and businesses to engage positively with consultation with a view to creating a bus network fit for the 21st Century.

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Motion Submitted by the Labour Group - Abolition of Section 21 Evictions


This Council notes that:


·         no fault evictions, introduced under Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act, allow landlords to evict tenants, without having to give a reason, once the term of the tenancy has expired;

·         most of England’s 11 million renters are on tenancies with fixed terms of six months or a year; after this period has ended, landlords can evict their tenants under Section 21;

·         research published by The Observer campaign group Generation Rent indicates that Section 21 evictions are now the single biggest cause of homelessness in England; and that

·         in 2017, the Scottish Government made tenancies indefinite and banned no-fault evictions under the terms of the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016.


This Council believes Abolishing Section 21 no-fault evictions:


·         would help to make renting more secure, improve standards and increase tenant confidence;

·         would further help to tackle homelessness, which should be a priority for government at all levels; and,

·         should happen as soon as practicably possible.


This Council therefore:


·         welcomes the UK Government announcement in April on plans to consult on new legislation to abolish Section 21 evictions in England, with which we will engage constructively; and

·         resolves to work with the Unfair Evictions Campaign led by Generation Rent, the New Economics Foundation, ACORN and the London Renters Union, to bring about the swift Abolition of Section 21 no fault evictions.

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Motion Submitted by the Conservative Group - Labour Against Private Schools #AbolishEton


This Council notes that:


    Trafford has many excellent schools producing some of the best education outcomes for children in the country;

    Trafford has nine schools in the private sector with another two private special schools. In addition, Trafford children attend other private schools in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire;

    The Labour Party at its 2019 Conference supported abolishing private schools through abolishing their charitable status and seizing their land, property and other assets; and

    Many of our residents are rightly disturbed by these proposals and seek support from their elected members and Trafford Council and are seeking firm commitments to protect their rights to choose.


This Council believes:


    The Labour Party policy would be a disaster for Trafford residents and it would likely be a serious breach of human rights as the UDHR Article 26 (3) states that “parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children”;

    The policy is contradictory as it would impose a tax on a sector that it wishes to abolish;

    Putting all schools under state control would result in the state picking up the tab for educating the seven per cent of pupils who are currently educated in the private system nationally;

    The policy sets a precedent for state seizure of private assets. Trafford residents should rightly be concerned that a future Labour government would seize their homes and cars; and

    Trafford should retain its current education mix.


This Council resolves:


    That Council supports all Trafford’s parents, guardians and children to have free choice in their education provision and will stand alongside our residents and all of Trafford’s schools supporting the excellence that they represent.

Additional documents:


Motion Submitted by the Green Party Group - Investing in Green Solutions Instead of Fossil Fuels


This Council notes:


1.     That at least 5% of funds of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) are invested in Shell, BP and other fossil fuel companies. (See paragraph 3 of Appendix A of GMPF document in responding to Trafford’s climate emergency motion )


2.     That fossil fuel assets and investments are likely to become ‘stranded assets’ with 80% having to be kept in the ground to prevent runaway climate change. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, has said that the vast majority of fossil fuel reserves are ‘unburnable’.


3.     That Trafford Council, along with the majority of other Greater Manchester Councils, as well as the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership have all declared climate emergencies.


4.     That Trafford has assets within the GMPF valued at £732 million at 31/3/19.


5.     And so at least, approximately £36 million of Trafford’s funds are invested in the fossil fuel industry.


6.     That these facts pose a financial threat to Trafford Council.


7.    That several UK local government pension funds, other public sector organisations, universities, faith groups and whole cities and countries including New York and Ireland have committed to divesting.


8.     That UNISON and the Trades Union Congress campaign for divestment in line with obligations to pension-holders.


This Council therefore resolves to:


1.     Ask the Leader to write to the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to request a position statement within 3 months on the potential impact that divesting from fossil fuel assets will have on the GM Pension Fund. This statement should assess the impact that a gradual programme of divestment and diversification over a 2-5 year period will have on the future liability profile of the fund.


2.      Mandate our representative on the Fund to call for and work towards divestment.


3.    Work with trade union representatives and the workforce to involve them in divestment and diversification plans, providing them with a comprehensive assessment of the impacts and benefits of these changes.


4.     To focus re-investment in areas that minimise climate change and reduce the Fund's carbon footprint; while ensuring the Fund continues to generate a sufficient level of return to ensure the current and future sustainability of the fund.

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