Agenda and draft minutes

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Contact: Alexander Murray, Governance Officer 

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Members to give notice of any interest and the nature of that interest relating to any item on the agenda in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct.


No declarations were made.



A maximum of 15 minutes will be allocated to public questions submitted in writing to Democratic Services ( by 4pm on the working day prior to the meeting. Questions must be within the remit of the Committee or be relevant to items appearing on the agenda and will be submitted in the order in which they were received


The chair informed the Committee that a question had been received from a resident. There were sixteen questions in total and given the number and complexity of the questions that the Chair responded that the questions would be passed onto Council officers and Trafford Housing Trust and a report created for the next meeting of the Committee.


Councillor Williams noted that the resident had raised some points that he was not aware of and he asked whether it would be worth Committee Members meeting with the resident to discuss their experience. The Chair agreed that either Committee Members could meet with the resident or the resident could attend the next meeting of the Committee to hear the responses to their questions.



1)    That the questions be noted.

2)    That a full response from the Corporate Director of Place and Trafford Housing Trust be provided at the next meeting of the Committee.

3)    That the resident who submitted the questions be given the opportunity to meet with Committee Members or attend the next meeting of the Committee.



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To receive and, if so determined, to agree as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 11 March 2020.



RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held 11 March 2020 be agreed as an accurate record.




To receive a presentation from the Corporate Director of Place.


The Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services introduced the item to the Committee and gave a brief overview of the Council’s position on active transport. A report had previously been brought to the Pandemic Scrutiny Committee which detailed the work that had been carried out utilising the emergency active travel fund. The update was to inform the Committee how the Council were moving forward from those temporary measures towards long term arrangements and the work that supported the transition.


Following the introduction the Director of Highways, Transport and Environment delivered the presentation that had been circulated with the agenda. The Committee were informed that Trafford had been working to identify active transport schemes in response to the challenge from government. The Tranche One schemes had been put in place at short notice in order to be eligible for funding, which had not provide opportunity for consultation prior to implementation. The second tranche of funding would look at providing semi-permanent or permanent arrangements and had a longer timeframe for implementation.


The Council had used an online community engagement tool called Commonplace to identify sites to develop active transport schemes across the borough. The Council analysed the responses received and fourteen areas were identified of which six became part of Tranche One. Since implementation Tranche One schemes had been monitored regularly by staff from the Council, Amey, and the One Trafford Framework with support also provided by Transport for Greater Manchester.


The Committee were shown a list of the six Tranche One schemes, the measures that were put in place, and an update on the current position. The Director of Highways, Transport and Environment went through each one and provided additional detail as to how the schemes had been received by residents and the Council’s response. The Committee were informed of the consultations that had been conducted including three consultations for Longford Park Scheme, which had a further consultation planned for June 2021.


Tranche Two consisted of three schemes which were to be implemented by March 2022. As the Tranche Two Schemes were to be implemented at a slower rate than Tranche One it would allow more time for public consultation. Even with the increased time some of the consultation for Tranche Two was still not up to the Council’s normal standard, which was due the timeframe dictated by the Department for Transportation.  The Committee were informed that the consultation on phase four to seven of the A56 was due to start on the 21st June. The Consultation for Edge Lane in Stretford was also due to start on the 21st June and the consultation for Oxford Road/Peter Street was due to commence on in March 2021. Lessons learnt exercises had been completed for all of the original schemes and that learning was being fed into both Tranche One and Tranche Two Schemes as well as any future developments.


Following the presentation questions were raised on a number of areas including the economic impact of the schemes, how  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.



To receive a report from the Corporate Director of Place.


The Executive Member for Covid-19 Recovery and Reform introduced the item and informed the Committee that the economic recovery plan had been developed to identify the actions the Council needed to take to ensure effective economic recovery and the delivery of a more inclusive economy within Trafford. A more detailed report was being developed and would be submitted to the Executive on the 22nd February 2021.


Following the introduction the Director of Growth and Regulatory Services delivered the presentation that had been circulated as part of the agenda. The Committee were shown the governance arrangements for the recovery plan and how it aligned with the Council’s other pieces of work. Trafford were reviewing the national recovery plans to enable the area to align their local efforts with those plans. The recovery plan would also take into account Trafford’s economic concerns prior to the pandemic.


The plan looked at a series of themes to see where the Council could have an impact on the economic recovery. The first theme was business support and sustainable job creation which involved growing the Council’s contacts with existing business while looking at how to enable new businesses to flourish. The second theme was Transition Preparedness which looked at the impact of Brexit and helped businesses to adjust.  The third theme was Green Economy and Sustainable Job Creation which looked at opportunities to build a more green economy. The forth theme was Sustainable Jobs and Skills Growth for local residents which focused on providing the right support for education and training opportunities for residents and ensure that no communities were left behind. The fifth theme was Inward Investment and Sustainable Job Creation which focused on securing investment into the area and making Trafford an attractive place for businesses.


The sixth theme was Funding and Growth which focused on ensuring that the Council, residents, and organisations within the area were ready to apply for and secure funding if and when it became available. The seventh theme was Strategic Site Development which was an area that the Council had an opportunity to have an impact upon through developments such as Trafford Waters and regeneration across the area. The eighth Theme was Improved Town Centres for Residents and Businesses which focused on the recovery of town centres through town centre marketing and by supporting businesses in town centres. The ninth theme was Increase Visitor Economy which recognised that people would be looking to go out following the extended periods of lock down and ensuring that Trafford was ready to capitalise on that trend. 


Following the presentation Committee Members were given the opportunity to ask questions. Councillor Holden raised questions on the production of adult education and training, and the wider regeneration of Sale West. Detailed responses were received from the Executive Member for Covid-19 Recovery and Reform and the Director of Growth and Regulatory Services. Within the response it was agreed that the Committee would be provided with details of the Councils training programme.


Councillor Williams noted that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.



To note the update from Trafford Housing Trust.


The Chair read out the update that had been received from Trafford Housing Trust that had been circulated with the agenda.


RESOLVED: That the update be noted.