Agenda and minutes

Venue: Meeting Room 9 Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford M32 0TH

Contact: Alexander Murray, Democratic and Scrutiny Officer 

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To receive and if so determined, to approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 19th October, 2018.


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held 19 October 2018 be agreed as an accurate record and signed by the Chair.



Members to give notice of any interest and the nature of that interest relating to any item on the agenda in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct.


The following declarations of interest were made by Board Members;

·         Councillor Lloyd in relation to her position as trustee of Trafford Domestic Abuse Service.

·         Councillor Brophy in relation to her employment within the NHS

·         Richard Spearing in relation to his position on the Board of 42nd Street

·         Eleanor Roaf in relation to her position on the Board of Trafford Leisure.



A maximum of 15 minutes will be allocated to public questions submitted in writing to Democratic Services ( by 4pm on the working day prior to the meeting.  Questions must be relevant to items appearing on the agenda and will be submitted in the order in which they were received.



No questions were received.





To receive a presentation from the Interim Director of Public Health.


The Interim Director of Public Health stated that the Board needed to be reviewed and to look at how Members could work together to improve the health of people within Trafford over the next ten years. She then delivered a presentation which covered; the statutory responsibilities of the Board, statutory membership, current structure, current priorities, the ten year forward plan, proposed accountability and delivery, and the next steps in the Board redesign. The Interim Director of Public Health asked Members to consider how the Board could help drive health improvement within the area.


Following the presentation Board Members were given the opportunity to ask questions. The Chair of the Trafford Safeguarding Board spoke about the statutory responsibilities of Safeguarding Boards and stated that it would be beneficial for the Board to understand those statutory requirements and how they fit into the work of the board. The Chair of the Trafford Safeguarding Board offered to give a presentation to the Board at a later meeting. She also requested that a presentation on the role of the Board be delivered to the Trafford Safeguarding Board once the review had been completed.


Board Members made a number of comments about the areas that they felt the Board should and should not be involved in. Board Members agreed that the wider determinants of health were a key aspect that the Board should look to influence through the partnership structure. It was also agreed that the Board should work within the neighbourhood model and should not add additional bureaucracy or duplicate work of other Boards. Finally, the Board agreed that the relationship with the LCA would be a key aspect of the Boards work going forward.




1)    That the update be noted by the Board.

2)    That a presentation on the Trafford Safeguarding Board is to be an agenda item at a future meeting.

3)    That a presentation about the Board be delivered to the Trafford Safeguarding Board following the completion of the review.






(i)     VCSE Representatives on the Health and Wellbeing Board

To receive a verbal update from the Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board and to approve the appointment of two VCSE Representatives.


(ii)    Trafford VCSE Collective

To receive a presentation from Thrive Trafford and the Trafford VCSE Collective.


(i)            VCSE Representatives on the Health and Wellbeing Board

The Chair gave a brief overview of the process that was followed in order to find candidates to fill the position of Voluntary and Community Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE) representative on the Board. The Board were told that the position was advertised and a number of applications received. Out of the applications two of the applicants were of a particularly high standard and were offered an interview. Both candidates performed very well in the interview and were appointable to the position. Due to the high calibre of the Candidates the Chair felt that the Board would be best off appointing both to the Board. Board Members were asked to vote on whether to extend the Membership of the Board to include an additional VCSE representative. Board Members unanimously voted in favour of amending the Membership.


RESOLVED: That the Boards Membership be updated to include 2 Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise representatives.


(ii)          Trafford VCSE Collective

Two representatives of the newly formed Trafford VCSE Collective gave a presentation to the Board. The presentation described the support that VCSE could offer to organisations within the health and social care sector. They described how VCSE organisations were already providing widespread support in all areas of Trafford and explained that the collective provided an effective conduit through which the public sector could consult and collaborate with them.


The Board were then told of the work that had been done so far in developing the Trafford VCSE Collective and the work that was still to be done before it was fully up and running.  A rough model of what the collective would look like and the operating arrangements of the collective were shown to the Board. The presentation then listed the benefits that the collective would offer to Commissioners, the VCSE sector, and Residents. 


Following the presentation Board Members all expressed their support for the collective and thanked the representatives for their work in providing a coordinated approach for working with the VCSE Sector. The Acting Corporate Director of Adults Services informed the Representatives that Trafford was submitting a bid for workforce development funds from Greater Manchester and that this bid could be expanded to include the VCSE Sector. The Representatives accepted the offer and expressed that they were keen to support workforce development within the sector.



1)     That the Board support the creation of a VCSE Collective.

2)     That the Council’s submission for workforce development funds be broadened to include the VCSE sector.






To receive a report from the Executive Member for Children Service’s.


No minutes were circulated from this meeting as it was held on Tuesday 8 January 2019. At the meeting the Board Members had looked through each of the Board’s priorities. For healthy weight the Board were looking at food poverty and the levels of physical activity within the area. The Board received a presentation from the leisure trust on the new leisure strategy and how the trust was looking to support physical activity among the most vulnerable children within the borough, a further update was to be provided to the Board in 6 months.


For Mental Wellbeing and Resilience children within Trafford were now able to use the Greater Manchester CAHMS service. School Readiness support was being led by the Early Years Board who had identified that there were pockets of children across the borough that were not as school ready as others, these were often more vulnerable children. There was an issue whereby underperforming children could be overlooked due to the overall excellent performance in the borough and the Early Years Board were looking at school readiness as a way to address this issue. In relation to Substance Abuse the Start Well Board were working to get the approach right for families and they wanted to have a joined up approach with the Live Well Board. 


The meeting was well attended with roughly 25 people in attendance. At the meeting the structure of the Sub Boards which supported the Start Well Board was discussed. The Acting Corporate Director of Children’s Services gave the Board a brief overview of the positon of each of the supporting Boards and drew particular attention to the SEND board which was concerned by the large increase in demand for EHCP Plans.


The Start Well Board had also agreed to have a Sub Board that looked specifically at the Health of 6 – 19 year olds. The Start Well Board also looked at the Greater Manchester Children’s Wellbeing Framework and found that there were a couple of gaps that the Start Well Board could fill, one being ensuring that the voice of the child is considered in all areas of work. There was also a need to look at the workforce to make sure that the right people were in place to deliver strategic plans.


Following the update a Board Member asked what the waiting times for mental Health Support Services were. No one at the meeting had the figures for waiting times for mental health support services. The Trafford Integrated Network Director told the Board of the position of mental health services. Trafford were working with the CCG to grow these services and how to deal with issues around recruitment. The Trafford Integrated Network Director informed the Board that a full update was to be taken to the next Start Well Board meeting. The Chair requested that the next update from the Start Well Board included an update on children’s mental health services.



1)    That the update be noted.

2)    That the next  ...  view the full minutes text for item 33a



To receive a report from the Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board and to approve alcohol policy and legislation letters.

Additional documents:


The Live well Board had been working on Tobacco Control with 5 schools piloting no smoking areas around the school gates and having placed signage around 15 playgrounds across the borough. On the Live Well Board’s agenda there were two letters to central government regarding having unit pricing for alcohol. This was a change that could only be done at a national level but would have a great impact if implemented.


The Live Well Board received a GM consultation regarding the GM Drug and Alcohol strategy and were urged to ensure that all members to responded. There had also been a very productive meeting around Spatial Planning and the Live Well Board was to discuss the infrastructure needed to support the proposed developments. The next meeting of the Sub Board was to receive an update regarding physical activity.


RESOLVED: That the update be noted by the Board.




To receive a report from the Executive Member for Adult Social Care.

Additional documents:


The Executive Member for Adults Services told the Board that the last meeting of the Age Well Sub Board had been cancelled. The Executive Member had met with the Acting Director of Public Health to discuss the direction of the board. They had also met with Paul McGarry who does work as part of the GM Age Well partnership. Work was ongoing following a recent survey which received 600 responses and will be used to help steer the direction of the Sub Board.


The Age Well Board Meetings had been well attended and there were plans to develop a structure similar to that of the Start Well Board. It was felt that there should be a focus upon care homes as there residents were not currently being represented.

Palliative/End of life Care was not performing well and there were not enough people being able to die where they wanted to and with dignity.


The Older People’s Strategy was out for consultation and the Executive Member urged Board Members to take part. The CEO of Wythenshawe Hospital Supported the Executive Members Comments regarding focusing upon End of Life/Palliative Care and offered support from MFT for the Sub Board.


The Chair of the Trafford Safeguarding Board informed the Board that there had been multiple safeguarding issues that came to the Safeguarding Board from care homes. She added that Trafford needed to move from risk management to prevention in order to reduce the costs of these issues for all involve. The Acting Corporate Director Stated that there was a large amount of excellent work ongoing in Trafford Care Homes although there were still many challenges ahead. The Acting Corporate Director for Adults Services in formed the Board that she had volunteered to lead on the redesign of care homes for GM.


RESOLVED: That the update be updated be noted.




To receive a report from Lead Commissioner Mental Health & Learning Disability and to receive an update on Trafford’s integrated social prescribing model.

Additional documents:



The NHS Trafford CCG Lead Commissioner of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities told the Board that the Mental Health Partnership was considering developing a separate learning disability partnership. He then went through the work plan that had been circulated with the agenda. Work was ongoing on the development of Trafford’s Mental Health strategy and there was to be an extended Mental Health Partnership on the 22nd of January to discuss the strategy. The Mental Health Partnership was aiming to have a strategy in place by April. The Patient and Citizen Forum, which was part of the Greater Manchester approach, was a local provider who would work with the Partnership to ensure that a Voluntary sector led approach was taken.


The NHS Trafford CCG Lead Commissioner of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities stated that in general performance was good although there had been some difficulties in psychological and psychiatrist support. He then went through the diagram of the integrated approach which had been circulated with the agenda. The integrated approach had implemented a good primary offer which had not previously been in place. There were secondary in place services but these were being over prescribed which impacted upon the rest of the system. The NHS Trafford CCG Lead Commissioner of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities went on to tell the Board of how the new model would continue to develop and the benefits it would bring. Work was ongoing to develop a structured and focused approach to Children and Young People’s mental health services.


Following the update the Chair of the Trafford Safeguarding Board stated that the Partnership needed to focus upon the issues that were developing in relation to the impact of social media on people’s mental health. The Board Member stressed that it was important for the Board to have representation from young people in order to better understand these issues and develop sufficient strategies to deal with them.  


The Executive Member for Adults Services brought it to the Boards attention that Mental Health patients were now to be counted as part of the DTOC numbers and felt that the services around emergency admissions needed to be looked at by the Partnership. Board Members from GMMH and MFT both stated that there was working ongoing around emergency admissions and that they were working to bring a number of partners and pieces of work together to ensure a holistic approach was taken.


RESIOLVED: That the update was noted.





To receive a report from the Director of Integrated Services, Trafford Council & Pennine Care.



The Acting Corporate Director of Adults Services explained that this was a brief update following the in depth full action plan update that had been provided at the last meeting. The Board were given an overview of the CQC review and the recent update that had been delivered to the CQC via a telephone conference. The CQC had been impressed with the development of the LCA and the winter planning that Trafford had implemented. Trafford were still in the lower performance group nationally but had moved to an improved position and they were looking to improve on this further.


The Acting Corporate Director of Adults Services then went through a presentation that had been circulated to Board Members. The presentation detailed the 4 themes of work and who the lead officer for each area was. The presentation then provided updates on the work of the Urgent Care Front Door Streaming Pilot, Smoking Cessation Pilot, Delayed Transfers of Care, and Trafford Enhanced Care Home Team. Board Members from MFT, Public Health, as well as the Acting Corporate Director for Adults Services added additional details where appropriate.  


Following the update the Chair thanked all involved in the DTOC work and the Board agreed that great strides had been made within Trafford in this area.



1)    That the update be noted.

2)    That the Board note the improvements that have been made and thank all those involved in this work.



To consider the key messages from the meeting.


The Chair gave a Brief Summary of the meeting its outcomes. The Chair stated that the key messages of the meeting were the move to having a 10 Year Strategic Plan and the Boards support for the creation of the Trafford VCSE Sector Collective.




To receive questions from members of the public in attendance.


No questions were raised.