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Information about Scrutiny Committee

As part of the council's governance arrangements, Overview and Scrutiny works as a 'critical friend' to the decision-making Executive. Committees of councillors from all parties agree an independent work programme, for the three Overview and Scrutiny Committees – the Scrutiny Committee, the Health Scrutiny Committee, and the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Committee. This work can include:


·         How council services are performing

·         Council policies, and how they are being implemented

·         Any issue of local concern

·         Decisions made by the Executive

·         Organisations outside the council, such as the local NHS


Overview and Scrutiny can look at and question any decision that affects local people. This could be a Council decision or the decision of an outside body. It is an important function of Overview and Scrutiny to oversee these decisions to ensure that they are fair, practical and being made in the public's best interest.


Issues of Health and Wellbeing come within the remit of the Health Scrutiny Committee, with the Scrutiny Committee having an overview of other services and functions delivered by the Council and its partners.


Overview and Scrutiny acts as a check and balance to the Executive's decisions and seeks to involve the public to a greater degree to ensure that decisions are not only in line with Council policy, but also in the public interest.


Each year the Overview and Scrutiny Committees agree on areas for in-depth investigation and review. Overview and Scrutiny can put forward ideas for service improvements, or accept suggestions from the public and partners to influence decisions being made the Council's Executive. They work by acting as a 'critical friend' and are made up of councillors who represent the community of Trafford. This work is carried out by:


·         Regularly checking that decisions have been made in the best way

·         Checking that the Council is providing good quality services

·         Listening to local people and making sure their views are heard by decision makers

·         Looking at decisions, policies or issues that affect local people

·         Making recommendations about how decisions or services can be improved


For these in-depth investigations and reviews, members of the committees gather a range of evidence from relevant stakeholders, including community groups, local residents, professionals working for other organisations and Council employees. This enables them to gather a full picture of the issue, to report back and make any necessary recommendations.


Following a significant review of structures at the start of 2012/13, Scrutiny is developing a range of updated procedures to ensure its work delivers maximum impact and beneficial outcomes for services.




Meetings of this Committee will be filmed for live and / or subsequent broadcast on the Council’s website and / or YouTube channel