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A maximum of 15 minutes will be allocated to public questions submitted in writing to Democratic Services ( by 4pm on the working day prior to the meeting. Questions must be within the remit of the Committee or be relevant to items appearing on the agenda and will be submitted in the order in which they were received



The Chair of the Committee read out the following public question received via email on 27th January 2020:


“As you may know, the CCG has decided not to recommission this service - which is entirely their decision to make.

I am a member of staff at TCC living in Sale West.

The service ends on 30th June but we have not been given any information about what plans are in place to ensure that the support currently provided to the vulnerable elderly will be transitioned seamlessly to another provider, and the vulnerable adults will not be significantly disadvantaged or placed at risk.

I understand that this matter is being brought to Council at a meeting on 30th January.

Would it be possible for you and your colleagues to gain robust assurances from the CCG that they actually have a plan in place, and obtain details of what that plan consists of?”


The Chair read out the following answer provided by Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group:


“Exit discussions have taken place with DXC Technologies who deliver the Trafford Coordination Centre following the Trafford CCG Governing Body decision on the 7th Jan 2020 not to extend the TCC contract.


Summary of the discussions and agreement is below:


•All elements of the service currently delivered by the TCC will remain in place up until the 30th June. A review of all services delivered by the TCC has already been undertaken as part of the independent review of the TCC.


•The CCG has been working with DXC the provider of the TCC and Mastercall Healthcare who are subcontracted by DXC to deliver the Care Co-ordination aspect of the TCC, to ensure a robust exit strategy is  in place.


•On 30/1 the CCG and the TCC will commence a joint programme of work to start the transition of services currently provided by the TCC where appropriate and initiate the full communications plan.


•Every patient currently under care coordination service will be reviewed by the clinical team to identify any further clinical and non-clinical interventions which need to be put in place before the end of June.


•Both the CCG/TCC will engage with all existing service providers and stakeholders – Trafford Local Care Organisation Community Services, the Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise Sector, North West Ambulance Service, One Trafford Response, Care Navigators to identify existing patients under the care of the TCC who require on-going support.


•Each patient will continue to receive telephone a contact from the TCC between now and the end of June to advise what the patient should do from July. For clinical issues this will be primarily to contact their GP, unless they are already under the care of another clinical service. A written communication will be issued to all patients setting out contact details of other non-clinical services which the patient may need to access.


•All members of staff at the TCC have now received formal communication about the decision and DXC / Mastercall are leading on this based on the contracts they hold with the staff members.” 


The Chair requested that a copy of the answer be sent to the questioner.