Agenda item


To receive a report from the Corporate Director of Governance and Community Strategy.


The Monitoring Officer introduced the report to the Committee. The Committee were asked to go through each document that had been included within the agenda for their consideration and to put forward and amendments.  All of the changes being proposed had been highlighted within the agenda pack.


The Committee went through each of the documents and proposed amendments that were to be made prior to them being agreed or submitted to Council. The proposed amendments included that the definition of harassment be updated to cover physical contact, that the cross referencing within the code of conduct be updated, and the wording within the two stage test be updated so it was clear that anyone could make a complaint not just Trafford residents. 


The Committee discussed section 8d of the Code of Conduct with regards to what comply meant and whether Members would be expected to incriminate themselves. The Monitoring Officer informed the Committee that it would depend on the case and would have to be a judgement made dependent upon the balance of the Subject Councillor’s requirements to cooperate against their rights. Councillor Hartley added that it should only apply to a councillor not to incriminate themselves if it came to criminal offence and requested that consideration be given to adding “without a reasonable reason” to the wording.



1)    That the Monitoring Officer considers a revision to section 8d of the Code of Conduct.

2)    That following the amendments proposed by the Committee all documents be agreed for implementation or submission to Council.

Supporting documents: