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To receive an update on the winter plan from the Executive Member for Adults Services.


The Executive Member for Adult Social Care informed the committee that they were keeping close contact with the Corporate Director of Adult Services around the infections within care homes. This was something that the Council had been working hard to prevent since the start of the pandemic. The Executive Member for Adult Social Care informed the Committee that she would be happy to come back to the Committee to provide updates on what the care home sector over the winter period. The restrictions around visits were continuing work was ongoing within the Council and with partner organisations to attempt to identify a safe way for visits to be conducted.


Following the introduction from the Executive Member for Adult social Care the Corporate Director of Adult services gave an overview of the presentation that had been circulated with the agenda. The Committee were asked to look at the modelling displayed on the third slide of the presentation which compared the first and second wave of the pandemic. In the first wave people were in hospital for around 10 weeks before discharge whereas in the second wave most of the people infected were younger and so were recovering quicker which required a different model of care.


Slide four set out the guidance and the requirements for a winter plan and a NHS wave three plan. Trafford had decided to create a single integrated plan which covered all of those aspects. Slide five set out the challenges over winter slide 6 addressed the NHS phase three work and surge planning. Slide 7 moved onto adult social care and the work that was ongoing to prevent spread throughout care home settings and those living at home. Slide 8 covered the local care organisations response who had been tracking their capacity across all of the support pathways.


The Director of Adult Services informed the Committee that a whole programme of work was in place, which had been developed with all partners, to deal with the demands of winter. The hospital discharge policies that had been in use since the start of COVID had been updated in line with changes to the legislation made in August and funding changes made from the 1st September. A number of discharge to assess beds had been commissioned in care homes across Trafford and work had been done to ensure that any infection risks were minimised. Trafford were negotiating with Manchester about the use of a provider who would be able to look after patients who are COVID positive on discharge from hospital. The CQC had introduced an inspection requirement for homes used in this way and the Council had plans in place for these inspections to be carried out. Additional rapid discharge support was being commissioned to aid people to be discharged to their own homes and colleagues who provided therapy and nursing support were also increasing their capacity in line with the projected need. Work was also ongoing with health colleagues around support for the long term effects of COVID 19 such as breathing or mobility issues.


Following the overview the Chair asked Members whether they had any questions but none were raised.


The Executive Member for Adult Services gave clarification to the Committee regarding some reports that had been made about people who were COVID positive being placed in care homes. The Committee were assured that the Council was performing tests to make sure that people were not being discharged into care homes with COVID 19. Trafford were looking to provide provision to COVID positive patients but this was separate to the standard provision of care.


RESOLVED: That the update be noted.

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