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To receive an update from the Corporate Director of Strategy and Resources.


The Interim Director of Human Resources introduced the report with a focus on two key items. The Council had been nominated for Best Change Management Organisation Development Initiative  award in the Public Services People Management association (PPMA) for the Council’s “EPIC Story” which covered the Council’s cultural change journey from  its early co-design through to the start of 2021/22 municipal year. The award ceremony was to be held in September and the Committee would be updated on whether the Council were successful following the ceremony. She then updated on the Kick Start programme having just done a press photo shoot prior to the meeting and informed the Committee that they would receive regular updates on the progress of placements.


The Head of HR Operations then went over the main points of the report which included levels of sickness absence, the delivery of the elections, and the Council’s Health and Wellbeing support for staff. The Committee were informed that the coaching apprenticeship was going well and offered both employee development while increasing 1-1 support to staff members. The resource hub continued to thrive and had recently recruited volunteers to a “Volunteer Army”, which would help the Council in the work recovering from the pandemic. The Council’s change programmes were continuing to develop at pace, which included the continued integration of Health and Social Care and the redesign of Children’s Services.


Following the overview Councillor Acton asked how many staff were in the town hall and whether the levels varied. The Interim Director of Human Resources responded that Council buildings were operating at 20% occupancy with a view of increasing to 40% as restrictions lifted. The Council were looking to change the way employees worked with a programme called Trafford Smart Working. Meeting room 9 within Trafford Town Hall was being used as a proof of concept around hybrid working arrangements. Once those trials were completed, they would inform the Council’s thinking of how to structure work going forward to ensure the Council built back better from the pandemic, maximising the opportunities of working differently. Councillor Acton asked how the re-opening of Council buildings was progressing and the Interim Director of Human Resources responded that each department was managing their own occupancy levels. While this had led to occasional fluctuations in occupancy it was always within safe manageable levels.


Councillor Acton asked whether HR were confident that the Council would meet their target of having 104 apprenticeships. The Interim Director of Human Resources responded that the Council was doing what they could to meet the target but it had been impacted by the pandemic. The target was on the priority list and the Council were confident it would be met.


Councillor Acton asked whether the work to support managers with supporting staff impacted by domestic abuse was having the desired impact. The Interim Director of Human Resources responded that a lot of work had been going on around the check in sessions and to encourage managers to have wellbeing discussions with staff to provide them with the opportunity to raise any issues. The Strategic HR Lead Policy, Reward and Intelligence added that the Council had a Domestic Abuse Policy, which had been in place for many years, and were looking to develop this further through interaction with staff champions.


Councillor Boyes commented about the digital logging in system at Trafford Town Hall and that it was not as good as the track and trace app arrangements at other Council venues. The Deputy Chief Executive responded that the electronic logging in system at Trafford Town Hall was new and action would be taken to embed the system with Councillors.



1)    That the report be noted.

2)    That the Committee are to receive updates on the Kick Start Programme.

3)    That work be done to embed the digital login system at Trafford Town Hall with Councillors. 


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