Agenda item


To consider a report of the Executive Member for Culture & Leisure.

[NOTE: A related report is to be considered in Part II of this agenda.]


The Executive Member for Culture and Leisure submitted a report which set out the updated Strategic Outcomes Planning Model (SOPM) including Stage 3, aligning the Physical Activity Strategy with the Council’s Corporate Plan 2021/24 to inform decisions on leisure facilities and services. It provided an update on the leisure investment strategy and refurbishment options for Altrincham, Sale and Stretford. (It was noted that a related report, covering financial aspects of the proposals, was to be considered in Part II of the agenda.) The report also sought approval to proceed to the next stage in the refurbishment process, RIBA stage 3 for Altrincham Leisure Centre, to provide a greater level of cost confidence and a preferred management option for its delivery.


In discussion, it was noted that the difficult financial background confronting public sector leisure facilities mean that difficult choices would always need to be made in determining the nature of provision; and the Executive, in taking forward the proposals, was seeking to achieve an appropriate balance between the availability of space and participation levels.


            RESOLVED -


(1)       That the Outcome of Stage 3 of the Strategic Outcomes Planning Model (SOPM) be noted.


(2)       That, following the successful completion of RIBA stage 2 for Altrincham, Sale and Stretford, approval be granted to continue with the proposed capital investment into the design of the refurbishment for Altrincham in the first instance, up to the end of RIBA Stage 3.


(3)       That it be noted that the outcomes of the RIBA Stage 3 report for Altrincham will be presented to the March 2022 Executive.


(4)       That it be noted that in parallel a full business case review will be undertaken for Altrincham, Sale and Stretford Leisure Centres and that these will be presented to the Executive in due course for approval to proceed to RIBA Stage 3 for Sale and Stretford.


(5)       That it be noted that Trafford has developed a refreshed Sport and Physical Activity strategy which informs its Leisure Investment Strategy and is being presented separately to December’s Executive for approval to consult.


(6)       That it be noted that Trafford is developing an Active Travel Plan for 2021 that will include an integrated walking and cycling strategy and connectivity to the wider leisure estate including Altrincham, Sale and Stretford.


(7)       That the update on a new contract, operating agreement, and leases between Trafford Leisure CIC and Trafford Council be noted.


(8)       That approval be granted to explore the Community Asset Transfer for Old Trafford Sports Barn through an Expression of Interest process.


(9)       That authority be delegated to the Corporate Director of Place in consultation with the Corporate Director for Governance and Community Strategy to develop an approved EOI process for Old Trafford Sport Barn prior to a Community Asset Transfer.


(10)     That it be noted that prior to signing/sealing any CAT agreement for the Old Trafford Sports Barn Executive approval will be required.

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