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To consider a report of the Executive Member for Culture, Leisure and Strategic Partnerships.

Note: an associated report is to be considered in Part II of the agenda.


The Executive Member for Culture, Leisure and Strategic Partnerships submitted a report which sought approval to proceed to the next stage of the refurbishment of Altrincham Leisure Centre, RIBA stage 4, including the submission of the planning application and the commencement of construction to completion. It also provided an update on the leisure investment strategy and associated refurbishment options for Sale, Partington and Stretford Leisure Centres. It was noted that a related report setting out financial details of the proposals was to be considered in Part II of the meeting’s agenda.


In discussion, there was a broad welcome for the proposals, including their contribution to the health and wellbeing agenda and the move away from fossil fuels. Questions were raised on the availability in the new facilities of storage space for items such as prams; and, on financial matters, on the extent of borrowing in respect of Urmston refurbishment which had already been repaid, and the level of reserves deployed in supporting Trafford Leisure. It was agreed that responses to these questions would be provided outside the meeting.


            RESOLVED -


(1)       That the outcomes of the RIBA Stage 3 consultation for the redevelopment of Altrincham, Sale and Stretford Leisure Centre be noted.


(2)       That the facility mix, and design for the redevelopment of Altrincham Leisure Centre as set out in the report, be approved.


(3)       That approval be given to progression to RIBA Stage 4 and full construction within the approved capital budget following the completion of RIBA stage 3 for Altrincham Leisure Centre, and updated business case.


(4)       That the temporary full closure of Altrincham Leisure Centre be approved, to allow refurbishment work to take place.


(5)       That authority be delegated to the Corporate Director of Place, in consultation with the Director of Legal and Governance, to negotiate terms with and agree the terms of any contracts and appointments for the relevant contractors and specialists required to deliver the project and to award such contracts and appointments.


(6)       That authority be delegated to the Corporate Director of Place to submit planning permission for the redevelopment of Altrincham Leisure Centre including for Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) works once confirmed.


(7)       That authority be delegated to the Director of Legal and Governance to enter and sign and/or seal the said agreements and contracts on behalf of the Council.


(8)       That it be noted that any significant changes, to either the capital costs identified on completion of RIBA stage 4 or the independently reviewed business case for Altrincham Leisure Centre, will be brought back to Executive for further review and/or approval, and in advance of the Council entering into contractual commitments on the overall capital spend if required.


(9)       That the update on the refurbishment proposals for Sale and Stretford leisure centres be noted. Any further commitments to the future phases of the leisure investment programme will only be made when it can be confirmed back to the Executive that the future ongoing subsidy requirements can be contained within the existing budgetary provision. This is to avoid any additional pressure being placed on the current medium term budget gap of the Council.

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