Agenda item


To consider an update from the Interim Director of Human Resources.


The Interim Director of Human Resources (HR) introduced the update to the Committee picking out the key highlights for Member’s attention. The highlights included the activity of the Health and Safety Team, the Epic manager programme, and the LEAP programme. The Committee were informed of the outcomes of the recent Be Heard Staff Survey which included the Council being accredited as an employer to watch. The key factors for staff members were wanting to progress in their roles, having a good work/life balance, and receiving fair pay for their work. The next steps regarding the survey were for the results to be disseminated across the organisation and utilising the feedback from the survey to come up with actions for the Council to continue to improve as an employer.


Winter planning had already begun with a set of flue and covid vaccination sessions having been arranged at Council venues. Staff were encouraged to stay well over the winter months through the Council’s Health and Wellbeing offer. The Council were also looking at what they could do to support staff with the cost-of-living crisis through a financial wellbeing offer.


Following the introduction Council Acton noted the comments made about the Cost-of-Living crisis and making sure that staff were able to access support. The Councillor was aware that the Council only had a small welfare rights team and asked whether the Council could ensure the team were able to cope with the likely demand for the service. In response the Interim Director of HR assured the Committee that the Council would fulfil its responsibility to support staff and residents. The Interim Director of HR stated that the delivery of support was a key focus for the HR team and they would ensure there was sufficient capacity within the welfare rights team to cope over the winter period.


Councillor Chalkin asked about the Microsoft 365 update and whether any pressure was being put on people to get the update completed as soon as possible, as he had attended a session during the day where he was the only person there. The Interim Director of HR responded that the sessions were generally well attended and that Councillor Chalkin’s comments would be taken on board. The Committee were assured that the Council were committed to upgrading IT systems to ensure staff had the best tools available to do their jobs. 


Councillor Chalkin asked whether more detail could be provided on the reorganisation of the Council’s services. The Interim Director of HR responded that the information would be provided to Committee Members after the meeting.


Councillor Chalkin asked whether the Council provided any support for staff around tackling climate change and green initiatives. The Interim Director of HR responded that there were active travel groups and other initiatives the details of which would be shared with the Committee via email.



1)    That the update be noted.

2)    That details of the reorganisation of Council services be shared with the Committee.

3)    That the details of the support for staff to tackle climate change be shared with the Committee.


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