Agenda item


To consider a report from the Director of Public Health and Programme Director Health and Care.



The Director of Public Health introduced the item. The Board were informed that the review had identified that while the Board was doing a lot of work it was not leading to impacts within the population’s health. The Local Government Association had performed an independent assessment of the Board as part of the review and they had highlighted the need to monitor progress and for the Board to hold themselves and their partners accountable.


The Health and Social Care Programme Director then described the process of the review and the engagement sessions that had been held with partners. Information had been provided to all who attended the sessions in advance to ensure they were focused upon on what could bring around health improvements for the people of Trafford. The information that had been shared with attendees was available to all Board Members and that


The documents submitted within the agenda pack included 14 high level actions that the Board were asked to consider and agree. The deep dive had covered five areas and was originally to cover mental health as well, but this was to be picked up separately. Board Members were asked to note that going forward the Board would conduct regular reviews to measure the amount of change attained. In the new structure, if agreed, each Health and Wellbeing Board meeting would focus upon one of the deep dive areas with the final meeting of the year reviewing across all five areas during the year. To deliver this structure, the Board would be required to meet six times per year, instead of four.


The Director of Public Health asked Board Members to note the role of the Board to maintain the relationships of the Council and its partners while not duplicating the work of the Locality Board.


The Chair noted the huge amount of work that had been done and welcomed the approach of monitoring and holding to account to ensure the Board delivered change.


The Corporate Director of Children’s Services noted that substance abuse fell under the Safer Trafford Partnership and asked whether that was the best place for it. The Health and Social Care Programme Director responded that there were still a number of conversations to be had before the final governance structure was agreed and appreciated all feedback.


The Place Based Lead for Trafford welcomed the good headlines, but the focus now had to be upon delivery. The Place Based Lead for Trafford noted that there was a lack of planners on the board and the need to ensure the Board consisted of the right people and had the right connections to deliver the work.



1)    That the report be noted.

2)    That the proposed actions to form a part of the 23/24 HWBB Work Plan be supported except for action 9 which is to be reviewed following feedback from the Corporate Director of Children’s Services.

3)    That the reporting arrangements suggested within the report be agreed.

4)    That the greater system connectivity of the HWBB with other key forums that contribute to the suggested actions be supported.


Supporting documents: