Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Executive is responsible for all key decisions and the strategic management of services and acts in line with the policy framework and budget of the Council.


It consists of the Leader of the Council and 8 other Executive Councillors, each of whom holds an Executive Portfolio.


Most important decisions are made by the Executive collectively, although Executive Councillors can take some decisions individually within their area of responsibility.

Details of the names and Portfolio of each member of the Executive are set out below:

Councillor Sean Anstee (Leader of the Council) – Vision 2031

Councillor Alex Williams (Deputy Leader) – Investment

Councillor Stephen Anstee – Adult Social Care

Councillor Michael Whetton – Children and Families

Councillor Mrs. Laura Evans – Communities and Partnerships

Councillor Patrick Myers – Corporate Resources

Councillor John Lamb – Health and Wellbeing

Councillor Brian Shaw – Highways, Parks and Environmental Services

Councillor David Hopps – Housing and Strategic Planning




Any person wishing to photograph, film or audio-record a public meeting are requested to inform Democratic Services in order that necessary arrangements can be made for the meeting.


Please contact the Democratic Services Officer named below if you intend to do this or have any queries. 





Contact information

Support officer: Jo Maloney.

Phone: 0161 912 4298