Committee details

Trafford Pandemic Scrutiny Committee - work of this committee has concluded

Purpose of committee

During the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic a dedicated Scrutiny Committee has been set up, named the Trafford Pandemic Scrutiny Committee (TPSC), to ensure democratic accountability and good governance around Council decision making is maintained during this period.


The TPSC will stand in place of Trafford Council’s normal scrutiny function until 30th September 2020 and the arrangement will be subject to review after 3 months. There will be one meeting each month. All meetings will take place in working hours, virtually, with a meeting scheduled to take place 7 working days after any meeting of the Executive principally to provide both pre and post decision scrutiny in relation to decisions. The other scheduled meetings will focus principally on topics proposed in agenda setting meetings to be held as set out below.


Scope and function


The Committee will be appointed to discharge the functions conferred by Section 21 of the Local Government Act 2000. The principal functions of the Committee will be to act as a critical friend to the Executive through the scrutiny of decisions taken during the period that the Council is obliged to operate under restricted measures and to add value through the pre-decision scrutiny of key decisions.


Within its scope and function the Scrutiny Committee will:


A.        Review and/or scrutinise policies; proposals; and decisions made or to be taken in connection with the discharge of any of the Council’s functions.


B.        Make reports and/or recommendations to the Executive and/or Council where appropriate in connection with the discharge of any of the Council’s functions.


C.        Add value to the Council through pre-decision scrutiny of key decisions through using the 28-day notice.


D.        Consider any urgent matter in relation to Covid-19 affecting the area or its inhabitants.


E.        Provide for appropriate scrutiny of issues of concern arising during the course of the ongoing pandemic


F.        Promote collaborative working with the Executive.


G.        Consider items that would normally have been considered by the substantive Committees where there is a legal requirement that such matters are reviewed/considered during the period of this emergency.