Issue - decisions



1)             That, following the completion of RIBA stage 2 and updated business plan for Stretford Leisure Centre, the facility mix set out in this report and the business case in Appendix 1 Part II be approved.


2)             That Stretford Leisure Centre is to follow Altrincham Leisure Centre within the phased refurbishment programme be approved.


3)             That the continuation of the proposed capital investment into the refurbishment designs for Stretford Leisure Centre up to the end of RIBA Stage 3, including the re-allocation of the previously approved £300k for RIBA stage 3 design costs at Sale Leisure Centre, and an additional £270k at a total value of up to £570k and the delegation of authority to the Corporate Director of Place to negotiate and award any contracts which may be required to implement this decision be approved.


4)             It be noted that, following the successful completion of RIBA stage 2 consultation, an updated business plan has been completed for Sale Leisure Centre. Appendix 1 Part II.


5)             It be noted that, following the successful decision from the Governments Levelling Up Fund, Partington Leisure Centre and the associated projects will be brought back to the Executive in March 2023.