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Decisions published

08/06/2021 - Active Travel Fund (ATF) Tranche 2 - Oxford Road, Altrincham ref: 1031    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

The Council recently undertook a fact-finding exercise with frontages in and around Oxford Road, Altrincham, in relation to proposals to introduce a modal filter restricting through traffic, along with changes to access and parking. Following analysis of representations received, it has become apparent that the majority of respondents to the engagement exercise are not in support of the proposed changes. Therefore, authorisation is sought to abandon the Oxford Road scheme as presented under ATF Tranche 2, in line with residents’ preferences. In addition, approval is also sought to divert the remaining funds allocated to Oxford Road for use on the A56 cycle lane corridor scheme, another project which supports the ATF vision.

Decision Maker: Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services

Decision published: 17/06/2021

Effective from: 25/06/2021


1)      That the Oxford Road scheme as was proposed be abandoned, in line with residents’ preferences.


2)      That all the remaining funds which were allocated to the Oxford Road scheme via the ATF fund, be reallocated for use as part of the A56 (Manchester Road) cycle lane corridor.

Lead officer: Dorothy Stagg

07/06/2021 - Longford Park, Stretford - Modal Filter: Resident Consultation ref: 1030    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

To consider the next consultation in respect of the Longford Park Modal Filter associated with the Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF) Tranche 1 funding allocation by the Department of Transport.

Decision Maker: Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services

Decision published: 15/06/2021

Effective from: 23/06/2021


1)      That the results of feedback received from resident groups be noted.


2)      That the consultation with residents of Longford Park be approved, giving them a choice of the following two options:


a)     Retain the planter on Hillingdon Road. Re-locate the planter on Cromwell Road to the north side of Longford Avenue and re-locate the planter on Norwood Road to the north side of Longford Avenue, to create a full Low Traffic Neighbourhood for Longford Park.


b)     Remove the planters completely as soon as possible.


3)      That a further report be submitted in due course, giving details of the outcome of the consultation.

Lead officer: Dorothy Stagg

01/06/2021 - Proposed Amendment to the Borough of Trafford (Off-Street Car Parks) Order 2001 - Brown Street Car Park, Hale ref: 1029    Recommendations Approved

Proposal to introduce electric vehicle parking bays and additional town house permit parking at the Brown Street car park, Hale, as outlined in this report.

Decision Maker: Corporate Director Place

Decision published: 08/06/2021

Effective from: 01/06/2021


1.    That authorisation be given to advertise the intention to amend the Borough of Trafford (Off-Street Car Parks) Order 2001, as amended, as detailed in the report and that, if no objections are maintained, the order be made, in whole or in part, and implemented, as soon as is practicable.


2.    That any objections to the changes be reported back for consideration.


Lead officer: Dorothy Stagg

21/05/2021 - Seamons Road, Altrincham: Width Restrictions - Considerations of Objections ref: 1025    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services

Decision published: 03/06/2021

Effective from: 11/06/2021


1.  That the results of the consultation and the objection be noted.


2. That following careful consideration of the objections and comments received, authorisation be given to make and introduce the Traffic Regulation Order as advertised, as detailed in schedule 1 to the report and as shown on drawing SMB 10A/B as soon as is practicable.


3. That the objector be notified of the Council’s decision.

Lead officer: Richard Roe