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Gain funding for Level 3 Food science at Urmston Grammar school

We the undersigned petition the council to Allow funding for the formation of Level 3 Food science at Urmston Grammar school.

Urmston Grammar school is a well-known school in the Trafford area, due to its fantastic GCSE and A-level results. However, after many A-levels were cut from schools, the state of the art equipment at the school is not being used to it’s full extent. One of the teachers at the school recently applied for the school to have Food science Level 3 course. However, the request was denied on the grounds of lack of funding. We want Urmston Grammar school to have this course as we feel that it would be a huge advantage due to the unique selling point that the subject possesses, therefore attracting more students to the school. No other schools in the Trafford area offer this course and we feel that it would be beneficial for Urmston Grammar School to have this subject. What we need is funding from the government to pay for this course to be run. This course is widely accepted by the elite universities and would be great for anyone considering a career in food or food science.

This ePetition runs from 19/09/2019 to 01/09/2020.

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