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A 20 mph zone for Safer Streets on Welman Way and surrounding residential area

We the undersigned petition the council to create a 20 mph zone, comprising all the residential streets leading off Welman Way, Altrincham and the stretch of Moss Lane adjacent to the whole boundary of Stamford Park from Mayor's Road to Queen's Road. Install warning signs asking vehicles to slow down especially where children are likely to be walking or crossing.

I live on Welman Way, Altrincham where we have a big problem with cars, vans, taxis and lorries/delivery vans - especially with increased home deliveries - driving dangerously fast on this and other residential streets. Please join me to ask TRAFFORD MBC to make this and all the residential streets that adjoin Welman Way into a 20 mph zone. (Birchlea, Elmlea, Pinelea, Thornlea, Woodlea).We are a residential area, with nearby schools and parks and open spaces. 30 mph seems very fast on our roads, but many drivers go faster than that. At speeds in excess of 30 mph a child will be lucky to survive a collision. At below 20 mph they would have a good chance of survival. This also applies to all pedestrians, adults and children alike, young or old, able bodied or not. There is further concern on Welman Way that the entrance and exit to the estate is via a part blind bend with parked cars to one side. In winter, and when the weather is inclement, especially during icy conditions, it is extremely hazardous to drive along that stretch of road with many people reporting that skidding is a fear and skidding into people a greater fear.

This ePetition ran from 09/01/2021 to 01/07/2021 and has now finished.

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