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Safer Streets - Broomwood

We the undersigned petition the council to carry out safety assessment on the main roads of the Broomwood estate and bring forward a plan of works to make our streets safer.

Over the years more traffic has been brought to the Broomwood Estate. Buses have upgraded to double deckers serviced, more cars and motorbikes are speeding around.

This estate needs to be assessed for road safety. With a local primary school in the centre, parks, parade of shops and a large quantity of family homes.

Roads that need to be assessed as a priority are:
- Mainwood Road
- Aimson Road
- Hempcroft Road (the corner junction of Greystoke Avenue, corner of Eldercroft and Hempcroft)

There has been several incidents involving road traffic accidents. Animals have been killed, children have been knocked down.

Mainwood road has a couple of speed hump however they are falling apart due to the increase of double deckers around the estate.

Speed Cameras, chicane’s, speed humps, sleepers, zebra crossing outside the school and a review of the speed limit around the state with clear signage are needed. Blindspots need mirrors as this would reduce accidents. Obstructions from parked cars on the pavement are increasingly forcing pedestrians to walk on the road.

Trafford Council need to assess this situation with urgency before somebody is killed. This is a thriving community and we need it to be safe for everybody.

This ePetition ran from 09/06/2022 to 06/08/2022 and has now finished.

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