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Stop the Leicester Road rat run

We the undersigned petition the council to assess the traffic problems on the following , and take appropriate action. 1. Cars/Vans, even the odd bus! Turn left off Cross Street onto Chapel Road, at speed! 2. Cars then do a 45 degree turn, at speed, onto Leicester Road and then race to the Ashfield Road junction, all this to beat the Cross Street traffic lights. 3. This run is one tenth of a mile! 4. The health care worker for our new born, almost got hit, the driver stopped and apologised. 5. Joynson Street has the same problem.

1. We on Leicester Road have a right to stand against these constant air and noise pollutants.
2. We tolerate the A56 but object to being used as a short cut for it.
3.the previous council leader refused to help.
4. Several children live on this road and safety is paramount.
5.There is no benefit to this ratrun for anyone, it is only detrimental.
6. We ask a council representative to come and talk to residents and look to put measures in to deter thus traffic activity.

This ePetition runs from 10/08/2023 to 23/12/2023.

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