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Residents' Parking Scheme: Wharf End

We the undersigned petition the Council to Initiate a residential parking scheme for the Wharf End/Trafford Wharf Road area.

With the redevelopment of the Wharf End area from industrial to residential, with the construction of 1 Old Trafford and further redevelopment plans in the pipeline, the volume of personal vehicles has inevitably risen whilst previously available on-street parking on Wharf End has been removed.

Whilst there are active travel and public transport options available in the immediate vicinity, some residents such as healthcare workers, social care workers and shift workers are unable to rely upon public transport options and there is a clear need for on-street residential parking.

This has led to residents being forced to park to the rear of 1 Old Trafford on double yellow lines and bus stops, creating a hazardous highways environment and leading to multiple fines being administered to residents of 1 Old Trafford.

This is further exacerbated on match and event days, given the proximity to Old Trafford football stadium and the o2 Victoria Warehouse.

A residents' on-street parking scheme would be mutually beneficial for those residents who have no option but to rely on a personal vehicle as their mode of primary transport and the council, which would see an improvement to the highway environment on Trafford Wharf Road alongside the annual revenue stream provided by the permits.

Please reopen Wharf End and put a residents' parking permit scheme in place.

This ePetition runs from 21/09/2023 to 19/03/2024.

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