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A safer school run for the pupils of Oldfield Brow

We the undersigned petition the Council to to take action with regard to: TAYLOR RD / STOKOE AVE CORNER Stokoe Avenue (off Taylor Road) is proving a dangerous crossing area for our children at Oldfield Brow Primary School. There has been a few near misses reported of careless driving close to our children. Taylor Road alone is also known for speeding vehicles. As a parent of one of those children I also speak on behalf of other concerned parents that our Council needs to act now. ROAD SIGNS / MARKINGS: On Taylor Road there is only ‘one’ sign to warn drivers of a school nearby. This is not enough. Taylor Road has poor visibility due to our many beautiful trees, hence reducing children being seen. More signs are urgently required. CONGESTION / POLLUTION: Taylor Road is heavily congested at school times; although a zebra crossing at Taylor/Stokoe would potentially help reduce traffic, we are still exposed to the pollution from parked cars with engines running (especially at the Crescent).

There were 2,456 children under 16 seriously hurt or killed on Britain’s roads last year. Oldfield Brow has an excellent community. Our roads need to be SAFE and our air needs to be cleaner. Don’t let our road be one of them.

Proposal / Solutions:
• School Crossing Patrol (between hours of 8.15am - 9.15am and 3pm - 4pm) or Zebra Crossing (permanent)
• Speed limit reduced to 20mph and/or Speed bumps / cameras / road chippings / signs
• School Road Signs and/or Children Crossing Signs
• SLOW Road Markings
• Turn Engine Off Signs

This ePetition ran from 08/11/2023 to 20/02/2024 and has now finished.

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